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Weekly Astrology Dec 3-9,2017

Day-by-Day Overview From Our Friends At Soulshine Astrology



🌕 SUPER FULL MOON in ♊️ GEMINI ~ Exact @ 7:48 am PT / 10:48 am ET / 3:48 pm // 2:48 am {on the 4th}: Our last Full Moon of 2017 is like a grand finale to the year as it is the biggest, brightest Full Moon of all! With the moon so close to Earth, its pull is especially strong and can pull up emotions, hopes, fears, and vulnerabilities to the surface to be cleared and released. Falling in the sign of Gemini and squaring off with dreamy planet Neptune, it’s an important time to speak your mind & say what you want to say to help you get more of what you truly want.


>> VOID MOON into Cancer {For ~2 hours starting @ 11:13 am PT / 2:13 pm ET / 7:13 pm UK // 6:13 am AEDT on the 5th}

As this week kicks off, you may still be strongly feeling the effects of yesterday’s Full Moon as the moon is now in the sign that it rules – ♋️ Cancer. It’s a good time to talk things out with others and try to reframe your perspective to focus on gratitude for all of the lessons you have been learning over the last few weeks.

Get together to chat with a good friend or close family member… or make an impromptu phone call to check up on someone. Talking can be very therapeutic now and it may be helpful to know that you’re not alone as we are all dealing with something! Action planet Mars has been opposite from radical Uranus lately, so we are really needing to find a greater sense of balance in the way we are interacting with others overall.



With the moon opposite from Pluto in Capricorn today, part of you may be pulled to focus heavily on work, while another part of you simply wants to soften into home life and enjoy the simple comforts of everyday life. Can you do both? Rock it out during the day and then plan a lovely family dinner or a nice solo evening of self-care as you continue releasing those wild Super Full Moon vibes and allow yourself to begin to let go of all of the stress, anxiety, or worries it may have brought up.



>> VOID MOON into Leo {For ~2.5 hours starting @ 9:56 am PT / 12:56 pm ET / 5:56 pm UK // 4:56 am AEDT on the 7th}

Now, the moon is in ♌️ Leo, and today Mercury will align with Saturn for the second time in the past week! Saturn is the planet that is all about getting on track and doing what needs to be done to be disciplined and responsible around our goals, yet this time it is meeting up with Mercury now in retrograde.

This is very productive energy for being seriously motivated to make big things happen, yet we must tread somewhat carefully because we can be prone to frustration if things aren’t quite moving quickly enough for our liking. Slow it down, and remember, if something isn’t moving forward there is probably a reason and you may be better off going with the flow and re-upping on self-care. {Read: How to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde}





Today may bring a karmic feeling of wanting to grow past your old struggles and move into the future as the Moon joins up with the North Node of Destiny in Leo. What would your boldest, brightest, and best self do today? It’s time to channel your inner goddess, own your personal power, and make your moves with the confidence of a queen! 👸✨



By Friday, the moon will have moved into ♍️ Virgo which is perfect energy for beginning to figure out what you need to do to wrap up your current projects so you can enjoy the weekend. Yesterday’s burst of inspiration may be continuing into today as the Sun now makes a harmonious angle to the North Node of Destiny, helping you see not only how you would like to grow but also how you might go about getting there.



This weekend, Mars moves out of Libra and into Scorpio. Over the past 2 months, we may have been trying to figure out ways to get along with each other better by seeking balance, harmony, beauty, and justice. However, now that Mars will be in Scorpio through the end of January, we may become more consumed by our own goals, desires, and ambitions. This can be a powerful time to move forward towards your greater aims as you work smarter rather than harder and find ways to make money more efficiently, but be aware that cutting too many corners can lead to consequences. Quality is still key!


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