Episode 102 : OM What Did You Say?


Episode 102: OM What Did You Say?

In this Sauerkraut & Dumplings short, Lisa Ferraro joins us and breaks down the sound of OM.

Ever wonder what it stood for or the meaning behind it? Is there a right or a wrong way to chant it in class? Or even why we use that sound. This episode unveils a lot of little known info that really gives more meaning and depth to this commonly seen and used sound.

Up your yoga knowledge or just have more understanding on why you’ll always hear certain things in yoga class.

It’s OM-Tastic!

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Lisa Shakti Ferraro, ERYT200 of Sonic Bliss YogaTM is an ecstatic devotional singer, harmonium playing musician and a mantra-chanting yogini. She loves to connect with the divine and to awaken others to their inner radiance. Lisa’s yoga practice was transformed with her first class at Laughing Lotus Yoga Studio. She then completed a 200-hour certification with Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Trixie Flynn at Laughing Lotus NY. She is also certified to teach kids and prenatal yoga. She has been studying Sanskrit, mantra and nada yoga with her mentor, Russill Paul privately and in his Yogic Mystery School and is lit up to teach the power of the language of Sanskrit for spiritual practice. Lisa, who also performs as an actress and singer, holds a BA in Music from Westminster Choir College and chants with her band, Sonic Bliss Kirtan. Learn more about Lisa at www.sonicblissyoga.com


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Lisa’s Upcoming Events Of Interest:

Sanskrit for Spiritual Practice

February 2nd, 5:30-8:30PM

Yoga Bohemia 2 E 20th St North Beach Haven, NJ


Discover the significance of the language of Sanskrit in the practice of Yoga. In day one, we will delve into the sound and meaning of Om and its symbol as a spiritual practice. Bring your favorite pen and a journal to experience likhita japa as we draw and sound the letters. This learning will culminate in a unique Tantric practice to stimulate all of the chakras as we chant the entire alphabet.

Using our newly learned pronunciation, we will practice Vedic and Tantric mantras as well as kirtan chants from the Bhakti tradition and feel the different energy evoked from each style of chanting. The asana names will be practiced so that teachers and yoga practitioners can connect more deeply to the essence of the poses. Finally, we and end with a singing bowl meditation and deep rest in silence.

Episode 102: OM What Did You Say?

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