Private Sessions, Corporate Yoga, Reiki

Private Sessions

Trepta Yoga privates are designed and tailored entirely for you in every sense. Time, place, and length; athletic rigor and sports enhancement; weight loss, injury or illness recovery; meditation and relaxation. You name the need or craving, and our experienced guides transports you there. We know that you change every day, so what you look for in one private session one day may be entirely different from the next.
Privates are held either at the Studio, or at your office or home, before, after, or during your workday. Privates sessions are arranged for 1-on-1, a couple, or a small group. All ages and experience levels welcome.

With a more intimate and specified experience, let us guide you to the YOU you want, at any moment of any day. Pamper and push yourself, inspire and indulge yourself, meditate and move yourself.

Classes Offered:

Asanas (poses), Anatomy, Breathing Exercises, Chakras, Meditation, Yoga philosphy, Pre and Post Natal

Balance, Flexibiltiy, Enhanced Athletic Ability, Balanced Mood, Increased Focus, Weight Loss, Increased Happiness and Well Being, Improved Sleep, More Energy, Decreased Back Pain


Personal attention from highly trained instructors, a unique tailored routine, easy scheduling, convenient studio location, and we can come to you!


classes held at your home, gym or at Trepta – 24-hour cancellation fee for studio appointments



Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a great benefit. We offer a range of practices from slow and meditative, to energizing and active. We will get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed. Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation, stress management training and fitness. Together, this one-two punch may have a powerful impact on both overall culture, performance and costs.

5 Minute Tune Up With Erica Jung

Ever wish you could grab your yoga teacher for just 5 minutes after class to have them look at your Downward Dog or Chaturanga, but never seem to get the chance with the hustle and bustle of class?

Does it frustrate you that after years of practicing it feels like your progress hasn’t grown?

Erica Jung is looking to revolutionize your practice by making quick tips and tune ups available right from the comfort and privacy of your home!


How It Works

Send a clear, audible, and well frame video ( iPhones are perfect!) to Erica with your question and a demonstration physically of what you are struggling with for analysis.

Add additional comment in the attached email along with payment and within 48 hours you will receive back a PERSONALIZED video to help you address where you are feeling stuck along with special tips to immediately apply.

Make a video of your progress and post online for all to share!

Its really that easy, and really that powerful.

Think about what one good tip has done for your practice, and imagine what you can do with unlimited access to personalized attention and lessons.


Investment: $30

* Single Issues Per Video Only Please


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