Theta Brainwave Releasing Energy Contracts Meditation


Theta Brainwave Releasing Energy Contracts Meditation

Welcome to your free binaural beat guided meditation for releasing energy contracts.

In this guided meditation, you will have the chance to connect to yourself and those you might have stuck or toxic patterns with to see what it is that you should be learning and if anything is keeping you in a holding pattern.

This will help illuminated previously unknown messages or understanding of certain relationships in your life and how you can best improve them for your highest good.

In the event that you want to release this Energy Contract, you will have the opportunity to do so within the meditation.

This is not limited to negative or stuck relationships, but can be used to explore any connection you believe has a deeper meaning.


This meditation is  best experienced in a quiet place with no distractions, lying flat on the floor, with pillows and blankets to make you comfortable.

I also suggest using an eye pillow or eye mask to block out extra light and allow your senses to be soothed.

Binaural beats are most impactful when used with headphones, and if listening on your phone, I suggest putting your phone on airplane mode and silent so there are no accidental distractions.

Keep a journal and pen near by to jot down some notes directly after your meditation to best retain the information learned and to log the experience and any noticeable feelings.


Be mindful that you will be in a deepened state so this practice is best experienced closer to bed or when you can relax directly afterwards.

I suggest pampering yourself where possible with a relaxing bath, some hot herbal tea, quality essential oils, or anything else that might keep you in the soothing deepened state.


With all practices, sometimes a few times are needed to be able to drop into the space and really be able to receive the messages fully.

There is no limit on how many times you can utilise this powerful practice.


Enjoy and please leave a review on how your experience was! We want to know how it positively impacted you!

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Theta Brainwave Releasing Energy Contracts Meditation

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