Episode 101 : Leaning Into Uncomfortable Spaces With Elli Richter

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Episode 101 : Leaning Into Uncomfortable Spaces With Elli Richter

Welcome to the very first episode of Sauerkraut & Dumplings : Recipes For Colorful Living!

I’m so excited to share this new way of connection as I’m an avid fan of podcasts myself! This podcast is a great way for me to connect you with some of the people that inspire me the most and open up great conversations and thoughts around real issues and how to thrive in a way best for you.

As my personal philosophy goes, not one size fits all so the wide range of people and topics we engage in allows for this material to help and support you through your ever changing needs, but with one common goal; getting you to your highest self!

I invite you into the conversation to take a bite of something new and or settle in with some familiar comfort food.

As always, honour yourself and season to taste.


Episode 101 : Leaning Into Uncomfortable Spaces With Elli Richter

Elli Richter is a coach extrodinaire that I discovered way back when via Kathryn Budig and a Facebook share. Her perspective and thought provoking posts always inspired me and I found myself constantly going back to her page to spark a dharma talk of substance.

Fast forward a few years and a big girl crush later, we started to chat back and forth and life pushed us in a direction of deep bonding when she confidentially spilled to me that she was spending time with her dying father and wished to keep it private.

Fast forward a year and the roles reversed with me rolling through the space of losing an immediate family member and sharing confidentially with her that I too was processing privately.

As big Shadow Workers ourselves, major transitions such as death and loss can really push you and test the foundations you have created; whether you can roll with the waves or struggle to stay afloat.

Elli and I get into dealing with difficult transitions, our personal experiences, perspectives to embrace, and tools to use in building self awareness and ease when it comes to leaning into the feelings that don’t always feel so good.

We hope this all finds you well and that this episode gets you excited to start embracing ALL that life throws your way with awareness, compassion, and love.

* As ones to never shy away from expressive wording, just be mindful that we do pepper in a few colourful terms if you are listening with young ones. Don’t worry, its not too crazy.

Connect, work with and learn more about Elli Richter via her website: www.ellirichter.com

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Episode 101 : Leaning Into Uncomfortable Spaces With Elli Richter

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