104: Healing With Plant Medicine : Demystifying Ayahuasca


104: Healing With Plant Medicine : Demystifying Ayahuasca

In this episode I sit down with Tina ‘Kat’ Courtney, otherwise known as The Afterlife Coach.

Kat has trained for over 12 years in the the traditional Shipibo Konibo tradition from the Peruvian Amazon.She also has drank in more than 1,000 plant ceremonies, as well as completed 6 master plant dietas to date, spanning over 3.5 years.

Kat has dedicated her life to learning the ways of shamanism in the most traditional and integral of senses and I have always found her work and writings to be rooted in sharing that. For that reason I knew that Kat would be the person to speak to about the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca as its increasing popularity has made ceremonies pop-up and explode all around the world. With increased popularity also come increased risk with knowing who to trust and what to expect.

If you have heard of Ayahuasca, have been curious to sit, or have already sat in ceremony, this episode will definitely be one that you’d want to tune into. Kat’s wisdom and insight are such a pure and welcomed perspective into the process of understanding a medicinal gift that is genuinely beyond words.

So grateful to have her share with you all!



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About Kat Courtney

‘I’ve been falling in love with the shadow my entire life. I spent my early years consumed with suicidal thoughts and wildly intense anxieties. I played with just about every available altered space. Then I found Ayahuasca, and she led me into the truth I had been endlessly searching for. She taught me to unconditionally love the darkness. I later apprenticed for almost 11 years as an Ayahuasquera and have guided thousands of people through altered spaces. Now, I work both as a Plant Ceremony Guide at Rythmia, and on the outside of these sacred ceremonial circles, helping people prepare for and integrate psychedelics, illness, trauma, and dances with death.’

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104: Healing With Plant Medicine : Demystifying Ayahuasca

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