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What Happens When We Let Go And Trust – Bhutan

Hey, welcome back!

… So I was talking on my Instagram, @erica.jung, about how I’m still blow away, no matter how many times it happens, on how life can be more magical than ever imagined when we let go of a little bit of control, expectations, and just trust the process.

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This photo is from the holiest of festivals in Bhutan where the spinning monks could be witnessed.

It is said that watching them attains enlightenment, and when one dies, they will be asked at the bridge of heaven had they ever bore witness to this dance. The ability to say yes, would guarantee passage across the bridge safely to the afterlife.

Little did we know that our arrival date lined up PERFECTLY with this most sacred time and also happened to bring us here at one of the most perfect times to visit this magical country.

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I got a call about 1.5 months after we had set the dates to inform me that we randomly had picked one of the most sought out experiences in Bhutan, and that we were SO lucky. I literally just had to laugh in shock and thank the Universe for always pulling through with magic. If you guys have traveled with me before, you know that this isn’t the first time that trusting the locations and travels to come to me has produced the most spectacular alignments of events.

Universe strikes again, and boy did it deliver.

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The proof is in these little experiences and confirmations that the steps we take to open ourselves up and surrender to the process, really can make way for things that we couldn’t possibly imagine on our own. And it’s the ability to set our intention, but then LET GO, that will guide us to the most perfect situations in perfect timing.

Go ahead, give it a whirl.

What do you have to loose?

With love,


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