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Fall Into Flow

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I wish I felt like this today.

At the moment I have tissues jammed up my nose, piles of snot rags in the trash by me, and the foggiest brain ever as I try and stumble through this day.

You map out all that you are going to do and then life dictates otherwise, and fuck me it’s frustrating as hell.

Makes me feel so incredibly incapable.

And then I have to check myself because literally I’m working on an email, going out tomorrow, from @ellirichter and I, lovingly called E squared, and the damn email is all about easing into transitions and going with the flow..


So as Ganesha reminds us of removing obstacles, I do that with myself in removing them of the mind and letting go of the old way of seeing things, which is seeing what I have no done, and switching it out for what I HAVE done and what I can still do.

You’re always getting guided if you just refine those receptors for the messages, and there is always a lesson to be learned, a new paradigm to welcome in.

Funny how this email I was working on have the perfect tools for me to stop, use the contents, check in on self care for my sign, and listen to a meditation.

See? The guidance is always right there waiting for you.

Who needs some of this guidance in their life?


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