Trepta Yoga

Our Roots

Founder Erica Jung started her journey of yoga on a whim and was greeted with a challenge she couldn’t defeat. Fast forward through nursing school, working with a top NJ physician, three teacher trainings, and a life changing trip to India, the idea of creating a space that focused on the individual, authencity of yogic science, good real food, healing arts, and tradition melded with a heavy dose of fun for everyone took hold in Erica’s mind.

Trepta Yoga, meaning “thirst for knowledge” was born out of love and inspiration of our community.

We hope to give back to you as you have given to us.

Heated Yoga

Trepta Yoga has created a unique environment that stays true to the integrity of the practice and the safety of its practitioners. Careful research has shown that 86 degrees creates a sweet spot for safety but “a muscle state that promotes change”. Physical yoga is a cleansing practice, or “kriya”, in Sanskrit, and an adequate level of internal heat is necessary to create the best conditions for internal cleansing and for stretching your muscles. Practicing any form of yoga in a heated environment will assist the body with the elimination of toxins while allowing the practitioner to safely deepen into their asanas (poses or stretches). Hot yoga benefits both the body and mind by means of meditation and discipline to achieve harmony and equanimity throughout the entire body and psyche. Unless noted all classes are held at the prime temperature of 86 degrees. * Kids and Teens classes are NEVER heated as young bodies aren’t adapted to regulate internal temperature yet.

• Brings increased oxygen to the muscles
• Aids in the removal of waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid
• Speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids
• Makes muscles more elastic and less susceptible to injury
• Glowing and more youthful looking skin
• Increases heart rate creating cardiovascular endurance
• Burns fat more easily

Our Mission

Trepta Yoga is a health-conscious, eco-friendly, people-oriented yoga company. Everything about Trepta reflects this inclusive and life-affirming philosophy. As a sanctuary for the community, Trepta supports people in their quest to realize their greatest potential.

Trepta offers the highest caliber yoga instruction that optimally aligns the body, mind and heart. The Trepta team leads by example, making efforts to model what is ‘life-enhancing’ and shed what is not. We strive for high standards, sweetened with humor and humility, with the intention of continuously evolving.
We endeavor to always speak and act in a way that encourages others to remember how interconnected all things are and to take good care of each other and the planet.